Increase efficiency
of your mobile sales team by automating the process of generating commercial proposals. You will gain real-time control of the sales processes in your company.

Efficiency of mobile sales representatives

We are offering you a platform to manage the commercial offers and discount conditions for your Clients. Replication of your business principles and terms in the system will ensure highest quality of the discounting and Client contracting documentation processes. Being able to access the system from their mobile devices your Sales Representatives will even more effectively concentrate on the needs of the Client, always having the required information at hand. The system will relieve them from tedious manual work related to the preparation and presentation of the offers.

Immediate initiation of the services

You field operators will use their mobile devices to prepare the offer and, after its approval, to request initiation of the service. Integration with your Company’s internal systems will allow customization of the services to the terms agreed with the Client. This will shorten the „order to service delivery” time and eliminate the risk of redundant data entries.

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Efficiency of implementation

We have a ready-to-use validated system allowing effective implementation. We are offering a safe and practically proven „step by step” implementation procedure. At the stage of pre-implementation analysis we are working with the Client to optimize the processes supported by our solution.

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Support for your development

Our solution supports development of new services in your offer, allowing, among other things management of the service processes at the Client. Combining the offer management elements with the course and status of the service process, your Representative will have no concern about forgetting a significant step in the procedure, as the process will suggest the subsequent steps.

Higher profitability of sales

You will improve the profitability of your sales through active management of the sales opportunities and releasing the sales representatives from the inefficient entry of the same data into several different systems. You will speed up the process of effective induction of the sales representatives to new commercial offers.

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Invite us to perform
an initial analysis
of your processes and assess the benefits
our system will bring to your company.