You will tighten-up you processes
by ensuring reliable supervision of their due course. You will ensure process security and improve profitability of your company.

Control your processes on a real-time basis

We will tighten-up your operational processes by a metering system, minimizing the human error factors. Every incorrectness in the course of a process will immediately be reported and will allow you to undertake remediation action with no delay.

On-line management

Control the course of processes on a real-time basis. The system will notify you if your intervention is necessary – which means in every case of exception from a defined rule. You will also have access to the system from mobile devices.

mobile reeng

Improve security of the goods/parcels

Thanks to automatic control of employee presence in the premises, control of access to buildings, areas or specific rooms and visual (HDDTV) monitoring collaborating with external domain systems you will achieve secure flow of goods.

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Automation of activities

Our solutions minimize the need for manual work, using operator-free elements of the technical infrastructure. Elimination of manual handling and processing of data will allow you to manage processes with no delays and errors.

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Improve hardware inventory

Our solution, based on a network of UltraRFID transmitters will increase efficiency of return packaging and mobile equipment inventory on site. It allows control of their presence in the areas of their allocation on a real-time basis.

Develop your system

Our solutions are designed as open-architecture which means their extension or integration with the external systems may be based on already-established infrastructures and be realized in a smooth and efficient manner, without interrupting the course of ongoing processes. The system may develop along to the evolution of your business.

Invite us to perform
an initial analysis
of your processes and assess the benefits
our system will bring to your company.