Experience in practice

We have nearly 20 years of experience in the field of IT systems in the logistics sector. In that period, things that initially appeared to be impossible became the standard. Throughout this time, we focused on the future and paid attention to the trends in technologies. Knowing the limits we could name solutions that would be developed in the future and we knew exactly what their purposes was in the system we were developing. Therefore, when the next breakthrough technologies appeared not only were we ready for them, but we also took advantage of them very quickly.


2016 (so far) brought  two new  implementations of newest AndUP system’s extension – AndUP Mobile Sales Support – an advanced solution designed to provide complex support for sales process at all its stages:  customer acquisition, customer service and relation-maintenance. The latest version of the system – equipped with new functionalities – provides its users with strict control of sales-teams productivity and  efficient task-management. It allows also to  control the efficiency of the marketing activities undertaken.


We implemented solutions focusing on new forms of parcel delivery- we expended our system in order to support processes in Service-Points network.


We successfully conducted the merger of &UP with worldwide leading courier company’s IT system.


We created and developed numerous client web applications, focusing on their utility, i.e. reduction of the number of actions required to perform a process and optimization of the reporting modules, so as to provide our customers only with important information and only when they really need it.


We implemented solutions focusing on individual approach to our customers. The functionalities available in our systems included solutions that integrate our customers’ systems with our applications (automatic data transfer) and enable communication of warehouse and sale systems, e-stores, payment platforms, and offices with the shipping system.


We designed and started the first application for mobile courier devices that communicated with the system in real time. This solution, which we are still developing, enabled determination of the geographic location of couriers and of the place of sending and delivery of a parcel (order) in real time.


We developed a GIS class solution for graphic territorial analysis of data. This tool enabled our customers to efficiently analyze sales data, to study the operational capacity in its geographic aspects, and – perhaps most importantly, to optimize the routes of couriers, thus maximizing the work efficiency of their fleets.


We started the first web application which communicated our system with the final user, the parcel sender. Since then, senders’ orders could be received in real time.


we started an expanded accounting module which enabled our Customers to account for the money received for cash on delivery parcels.
Also in 2008, we built and provided interface to the first version of a data warehouse – the central repository of information on all conducted operations. We provided the data warehouse with tools for browsing, organizing, and filtering data. We also provided our customers with a solution that enabled an advanced analysis of multidimensional data coming from distributed sources.


We designed and implemented our first IT system which supported the process of parcel delivery. The system enabled operations on data provided off-line.


We improved the system taking advantage of the Internet, which enabled efficient system data exchange. As a result, operational data from  many dispersed branches could efficiently feed the central IT system. All the data gathered this way could be as well consolidated and standarized, what has increased the efficiency of internal processes.