Remote access system

List of


  • Long battery life – even 2 years
  • Solving the problem of users forgetting their access-cards
  • Solving the problem of low battery and no possibility of entry into the guarded area / object because the Ultra RFID tag itself informs the user of low battery ( sound, or an LED )
  • Low costs of implementation

Implementation process

The solution used at the entrances to buildings guarded.

The implementation process includes the following steps:

  • Installation of Access Point (Ultra RFID Receiver )
  • The granting of authorization via distribution of Ultra RFID tags – each authorized user receives a small device – which is recognized automatically by the system when entering the site / object covered by the supervision.
  • Radio communication between the two devices eliminating the need of pressing buttons/dialing the code at the entrance panel. Access is granted without physical contact with card reader or keypad.
  • The opening of the barrier / gate is an automatic action performed by the system after a successful authorization.