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You will improve efficiency of your processes and reduce the operational costs.

You will gain real-time control.

E-commerce know-how

We perfectly understand the business and process implications of the e-commerce business development. If you are providing service to clients from this sector, we will help you to adequately design and implement processes ensuring cost-optimized processes for realization of deliveries and servicing of returns.

Efficient settlement of cash

You will optimize cash flows in your company thanks to efficient settlement of amounts acquired in COD transaction, a system of automatic vindication notifications and compensation of liabilities.
Automation of accounting documents generation, the payment status notification system and full transparency of costs ordered by the Contractor will improve the safety level of settlement transactions.

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Optimization of processes

We do understand the specifics of operational processes and thus know how to optimize them. We recommend to our Clients solutions improving efficiency of processes and control of operational costs.
Our solutions allow you to manage all business areas using real-time process metrics and KPI’s made available by the system. Thanks to them, you will gain control of all your field operations with a live situation preview on a virtual map.

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Efficiency of deliveries

Thanks to automatic planning of parcel pick-up times for regular Senders, queuing of the orders and region optimization you will ensure an effective process of order distribution to your Couriers.


Client satisfaction

Efficient receipt of error-free orders placed by Clients using the online or mobile application and automatic status notifications sent directly into the mobile application of your Clients ensure comfortable and convenient usage of your services.
Automatic pricing of services via the website or mobile application and automatic delivery status notifications sent to the Clients in a format of their choice will reduce workload on the Client Service Department.

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Sales support

Pro-client solutions such as flexible settlement models (pre-paid, subscription), status notifications, the mobile application with flexible management of service pricing (time promotions, discounts) support flexibility of your sales team.

Efficiency of implementation

We have a ready-to-use, validated system, allowing efficient implementation. We are suggesting a safe “step-by-step+ implementation procedure. We optimize the costs of implementing, maintain and developing the IT systems, without “dead ends” in their architecture.


Development support

The list of functional modules of the ANDUP system we are implementing includes all the key operational processes. Implementing new services to your offer based on these modules is easy and based on the good practices of the business.


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