You will improve profitability and gain control over delivery processes in your distribution network.

Supervision of courier work

We allow you to have real-time control over the process of deliveries to the final customer. Our expertise in the courier business guarantees selection of the optimum organizational, process and IT solution.


Effective flow of goods

Thanks to automation of the receipt and verification of Client orders and optimization of the time required to process the order for the courier, we are improving the flow of goods. Using real-time communication of the driver’s mobile with the central system guarantees live information about the status of deliveries.


Settlement of deliveries

You will efficiently settle all the amounts obtained in COD transactions. Thanks to the mobile application you will safely and transparently settle with your Couriers in the areas of cash, documents and delivery plans realized.

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Efficiency of implementation

We have a ready-to-use, validated system, allowing efficient implementation. We are suggesting a safe “step-by-step+ implementation procedure. We optimize the costs of implementing, maintain and developing the IT systems, without “dead ends” in their architecture.


Client satisfaction

We are delivering a tool stimulating increase in satisfaction levels of your Clients, by allowing trustworthy interactions. We are designing the systems and processes in a way to build positive Client experience at any point of their contact or exposure to your services. We are providing statistical and analytical analysis tools in the system.


Business manageability

By combining operational processes with their supporting system you will create a reliable platform for controlling your business. The controlling tools included in the system will provide you with feedback on the effectiveness of the actions taken.

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